With a grant from the East St. Louis Community Fund, the City of East St. Louis received a new 911 emergency system enabling the city to better respond to its citizens

The Greater East St. Louis Community Fund designed and administered a comprehensive city-wide clean-up program that resulted in the:

    • Restoration of a Waste Management Program enabling the pick-up of trash from every household in the City of East ST. Louis
    • Clearance of lots of weeds and debris through new nonprofit called “Clean East St. Louis"
    • Enactment of health and sanitation codes
    • Neighborhood Urban Gardens Started

Creation and expansion of before-and-after school programs in multiple locations throughout East St. Louis

Restoration and expansion of football, computer, recreational programs for youth

Establishment of an Eye Clinic in partnership with University of Missouri: St. Louis and Southern Illinois University: Edwardsville

Restoration of the Brooklyn Park in partnership with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the development of the Ted Savage Baseball Field for the children of Brooklyn, Illinois

Nonprofits Capacity Building and Technical Assistance Program to help nonprofit serve more and delivery continued high quality programs

Over $2.0 million in scholarships awarded to East St. Louis and Brooklyn High School graduates attending universities and colleges across the country

Upgrade of the 911 system for the City of East St. Louis and purchase of a fire truck for the Village of Brooklyn, Illinois.