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By all accounts, vacant properties are a curse.  Just ask anyone who lives next to a drug den, a boarded-up firetrap or a trash-filled lot. But abandonment often seems beyond the control of local officials, and it rarely incites a sense of urgency beyond the neighbors on the block where it occurs.

But the evidence show that vacant properties are an expense that local governments simply cannot afford - and that the expense grows with every year a property remains vacant or abandoned.  Such properties produce no or little property tax income, but they require plenty of time, attention, and money. 

This article gives you the true costs of vacant properties to your community.

Reprinted from "Vacant Properties:  The True Costs To Communities"


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Building Blocks II in Greater East St. Louis was a two-year project of Illinois Action for Children (AFC) and IFF (formerly Illinois Facilities Fund)with generous support from the Grand Victoria Foundation. The goal of this initiative was to develop  and implement capacity-building strategies that are responsive and engaging of the early learning child care providers in Greater East St. Louis.  In partnership with the Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation, the Greater East St. Louis Community Fund and numerous other child care providers, this initiative resulted in the building of a collaboration of child care providers,  working together under an agreed upon set of quality standards for day care centers and family day care homes.  Click here for the complete report.